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My practice is based around the media of live art and film. My work depicts the human condition in a modern alienated society. In my practice, I critique structures which make us feel detached. My work reflects on what it means to be human, often by analising the relationship between childhood, teenagehood and adulthood. My projects have dealt with themes including: growing up with the internet, the ability to pursue our dreams and the self-estranging process of emotional labour. 


​We live in a society that always appears happy. By depicting the real, ugly and uncomfortable parts of our lives, unlike the surface level, sugar-coated and jolly society that is presented, I aim to provide a point of relatability for the viewer. 


My work is derived from my real experiences. I use real documents, messages, files…etc as source material. ​I see my practice as a form of activism and a way to challenge and expose social issues and taboos. I believe in the capacity of art and its ability to impact and heal society.

Photo- Leon Farrell  / Photocall Ireland.

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